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A Homeschool is Still a School

Still a School

I recently conducted a webinar for administrators of classical schools, in which the guidelines for the classical classroom were addressed. Having been involved in home education for a number of years educating our own six children prior to entering the classical school arena, first as a teacher and then as an administrator, I find myself […]

You Can Give Your Child the Joy of Knowing

Perhaps your child struggles with attention or concentration, speech or language, sensory or intellectual function, emotional regulation, reading, writing, or other aspects of learning. Whether you have been trying to teach him for years, have recently pulled him from a disappointing or unsuccessful program, or are just now in the earliest stages of research, now you can teach your […]

The Path Less Traveled

Families come to trust Memoria Press for a variety of reasons. We came through desperation. Our oldest child did not speak until he was five, and he and his younger sister have significant receptive and expressive language difficulties. Finding a good, solid education for them was literally bringing us to our knees. We knew we wanted to homeschool. But having […]

How Can I Teach Latin if I Don’t Know it Myself?

There are a lot of good reasons for thinking that Latin should be restored to its former place of honor as the Basic Subject in the elementary years. In previous issues of the Classical Teacher, I talked about some of these. But knowing that you should teach it and knowing how to teach it are […]

The 5 Little Lashbrooks and How They Grew

    The 5 Little Lashbrooks And How They Grew by Martin Cothran Once upon a time, in a beautiful valley in central Pennsylvania, there lived two young girls who loved animals, flowers, cooking, gardening, painting—and books. And writing. And music. Oh, and also sitting around having deep conversations with friends and going on walks in the countryside. At least […]