You Can Give Your Child the Joy of Knowing

the joy of knowing

Perhaps your child struggles with attention or concentration, speech or language, sensory or intellectual function, emotional regulation, reading, writing, or other aspects of learning. Whether you have been trying to teach him for years, have recently pulled him from a disappointing or unsuccessful program, or are just now in the earliest stages of research, now you can teach your child step by step, word by word, with daily lesson plans, carefully selected books, and the ongoing support of the Simply Classical Curriculum.

The Simply Classical Curriculum will provide everything you need for each year, and with free online assessments, you’ll know exactly where to begin. You can teach your challenged child through incremental, multi-sensory lessons in reading, writing, and arithmetic; and with the guided literature, art, and history studies to promote wonder and imagination, you can give your child the gift of knowing that language connects us as human beings.

What Is the Joy of Knowing?

Mrs. Lowe, founder of Memoria Press and headmistress of Highlands Latin School, often says that modern education neglects this truth: Children enjoy knowing the answer. Through time-tested disciplines of simple recitations, teaching skills to mastery, and providing written practice in student books, children begin to know. They know they can learn, they know how to conduct themselves, they know they belong. Our children receive the joy of knowing.

Meet Our Young Friend

Meet a bright young man whose mother began teaching him with the Simply Classical Curriculum. (The mother’s full story is found here.) Note this boy’s persistent echolalia, distracted confusion, and pronoun reversal when he begins. Witness the transformation as he learns to communicate in new ways. Hear the love of his mother. See the emergence of this young man’s calm confidence as he begins to experience the joy of knowing.

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