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Informing Ourselves to Death

Informing Ourselves

With one exception I have never heard anyone speak seriously and comprehensively about the disadvantages of computer technology, which strikes me as odd. After all, anyone who has studied the history of technology knows that technological change is always a Faustian bargain: Technology giveth and technology taketh away, and not always in equal measure. A […]

Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Lost Scrolls: Interview with Professor Brent Seales

Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Lost Scrolls

Can you explain what it is you do? Reading about you makes me think of Indiana Jones, except maybe without the chase scenes. Yes, well, certainly these things can sound more glamorous than they really are! As a computer scientist and a computer vision imaging specialist, I am interested in both increasing access to and […]

Tablets or Textbooks?

Tablets or Textbooks?

God has instilled in us a passion to learn and a need for knowledge. Education as we know it has been with us for over two millennia, but the tools of learning have changed. In biblical times, texts were meticulously copied onto scrolls using nothing but a sharpened reed and ink. Over time, reeds were […]

A Case for Memoria Press Study Guides

A Case for Memoria Press Study Guides

Many of us did not have the privilege of a classical education growing up, but we recognize its value and we want it for our children. Because all people are worthy of its ends (truth, goodness, and beauty), classical education should be available to all who seek it. However, we understand that it can seem […]

The Judgment of Thamus: Education Technology and the Outsourcing of Knowledge

The Judgment of Thamus

I was at a meeting of private educators in our state a couple of years ago, and afterwards an acquaintance, who was the superintendent of a local private school system, came up to me. He was very excited. He had gotten a grant to provide students in his schools with iPads. I didn’t have the […]

In Praise of Accidental Knowledge

In Praise of Accidental Knowledge

One of the few books we had in our house when I was young was a set of World Book Encyclopedias. When you looked up something in the encyclopedia you first had to find the volume which housed all the words beginning with the first letter of the word you were searching for. If you […]

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