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Frequently Asked Questions

To change the playback speed, navigate to the video you want to watch, press the three dots in the bottom right of the video, and press “Playback Rates” to choose the speed that’s right for you.

We are currently working to get audio content added. Check back soon!

To cast videos from your phone or tablet to your TV, navigate to the video you want to watch, press the middle icon in the top right corner (the rectangle with a signal icon), and select a device.

TECH NOTE: Typically both devices must be connected to the same internet.

To download a video, navigate to the course and scroll down to the episode you want. Press the icon with the down arrow and horizontal line. Once the download starts you should see the progress in a circle, and when finished you will see a phone screen icon with a check mark.

To view your full list of downloaded content, navigate to the downloads tab at the bottom of the home screen.

A slow download could mean a few things:

  • Your download quality in the settings is set to 1080p by default. Higher quality videos take longer in general to download. If you are fine with lower quality videos and want to speed up the process, try switching to 720p, 540p, or 360p.
  • You are not connected to WiFi and/or you don’t have “Use Cellular Data” turned on in your settings.
  • Your personal internet connection is having trouble. Try going to to see how fast your internet is running.
  • Our server is struggling to keep up with the requests for videos. This is something we will do our best to prevent.

To remove previously downloaded videos and free up space for new ones, navigate to the downloads tab in the bottom of the screen. Open the drop down of whatever course you are looking for, find the video in the list, and press the phone icon with the check mark. This should prompt you to delete the episode or cancel the request.

There are a few settings you can personalize on the app, including the use of cellular data (or WiFi only), download quality, and playback speed.

Yes! Your progress for any video viewed on the app should be saved. You can resume progress on these videos by scrolling to the “Continue Watching” section on the home screen.

NOTE: Progress for these videos will not be stored if you log in on a new device (e.g., switching from using your phone to using a tablet, and vice versa).

The lock icon on our app shows content that you have not yet purchased. If you click into the course you can get to a purchase link.

For the most part our app should transfer all your content from the Memoria Press website. If you run into any specific issues, please take note of what’s missing and reach out to our support team. You can report a bug by navigating to the My Account tab, going to settings, then Report Bug. Alternatively, if you have a question or concern that is not a specific bug, you can reach out to our support team via the Contact Us link on that same settings screen.

Click the ⓘ icon to navigate to that video’s entire course quickly.

To stay up to date with the latest features on the app, periodically check the app stores for updates. To be notified of this, turn on notifications in your phone’s settings.

Yes! To search for a specific course, press the magnifying glass icon in the upper right of the app.

There are a few reasons your app could be running slowly:

  • Poor internet connection: Check that your internet connection is strong if you are on WiFi, or confirm you have good cellular signal if you are not connected to the internet.
  • Server issues: It’s possible our servers are having a hard time with the enormous amount of requests coming through. Please be patient with us, and reach out if you have any questions.
  • You’re on an old version: Go to the app store and confirm you have no updates to the app.

If your app never loads, please reach out to our support team by either navigating to settings then report bug, or filling out the form here.

Occasionally, you will see a playback error on downloaded videos. This could be due to an out of date version of the app, an issue with internet, a server issue on our end, or a corrupted video player.

In order to fix this, try the following:

  • Exit the app, and reload the page.
  • Delete the download, then re-download the video.
  • Check your internet speed by going to and running a speed test by pressing “GO.”
  • Reach out to our customer service team with any more questions, or report a specific bug to our “Report A Bug” page within the app’s account screen.

**Our development team is currently working on a permanent fix to download errors. Please check back for the status of this update**

The most common cause of sound not working is the silencer on a phone or tablet toggled on. Turn the ringer on as a fix to broken sound. If the issue continues, reach out to our Customer Service Team.