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Why Should Christians Read the Pagan Classics?

Pagan Classics

The power of the word “classical” cannot be underestimated, communicating as it does the ideas of excellence, truth, order, discipline, and beauty. It brings to mind something that has withstood the test of time and by virtue of this fact, something that participates in some way in the timeless and the eternal. When we examine […]

Mastering Math

Mastering Math

The study of the material world reaps great benefits for the material welfare of mankind: food, fabrics, energy-saving devices, heating and cooling, transportation,luxuries of every kind, cures for diseases and pain. Science and technology have transformed our world into one of unimaginable wealth, comfort, and blessings for which we must give thanks and gratitude to […]

How To Have Biblically Literate Children

Too often we relegate religious instruction in our private and homeschools to a kind of secondary academic status. We teach it, but in a way that seems to communicate a lack of seriousness about it. We do this by failing to treat it like we would treat any other academic subject. But what I will […]

Latin Is Not Optional

When you ask a fellow teacher or homeschool parent what classical education is, you’re likely to get a different answer every time. To one person it is the study of history chronologically, to another it is simply a challenging academic curriculum. To many, particularly in recent decades, classical education is seen as the application of […]

Latin: The Basic Subject

THE KEY TO THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE The most practical reason for Latin study is that it also teaches English. Over half of our English words are derived from Latin—and it’s not just any half, it’s the difficult half! The common one- and two-syllable words of everyday speech are English, but the big, three- to five-syllable […]

How to Teach Phonics

How to Teach Phonics

Phonics instruction nearly disappeared in the 1930s, and only started making a comeback in the 1970s. Now, there are so many phonics programs to choose from it’s enough to make your head spin. How do we know which one to choose? A systematic, logical approach to phonics is the best way to teach students to […]

The Wrong Way to Teach Latin

Wrong Way

Modern languages are taught by the conversational method. If I understand this method correctly, it involves an emphasis on oral and written conversation in the classroom, supplemented with a secondary focus on grammar. This conversational instruction is most effectively augmented by travel and an immersion experience with native speakers. It could also be called the […]

Gravitas: The Lost Art of Taking School Seriously

In the early twentieth century, Dorothy Sayers gave birth to the modern classical education movement in a much-quoted speech at Oxford in which she cast the abstract concepts of the liberal arts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric as stages of learning. These three stages have given structure and clarity to the long and somewhat inscrutable […]

Greater Even Than Rome

Given as the Opening School Ceremony address for Highlands Latin School’s 2016-2017 school year, August 29, 2016. Welcome, parents, teachers, and students, to the 2016-2017 academic year. It is a joy and privilege to address you at the beginning of this, our seventeenth year. We thank God for this sultry summer morning, for Highlands Latin […]

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