meet the memoria press team

The Memoria Press staff is made up of a diverse group of individuals with one goal — to deliver the best possible product and exceptional service to our customers.

Cheryl Lowe
Founder, Memoria Press & Highlands Latin School


Brian Lowe

Leigh Lowe

Tanya Charlton
Curriculum Director

Martin Cothran
Editor of the Classical Teacher | Director of the Classical Latin School Association | Author of Logic & Rhetoric

Ethan Gotcher
Schools Division Director | Assistant Director of the Classical Latin School Association

Shane Saxon
Director of Trademarked Schools

Michelle Tefertiller
Primary Curriculum Specialist | School Representative | Author

Kathy Becker
School Representative, West

Jim Duncan
School Representative, Midwest

Sarah Jo Davis
School Representative, South

Noah Johnson
Schools Division Administrative assistant

Paul Schaeffer
Director, Online Academy

Mitchell Holley
Assistant Director, Online Academy | Head of Greek Curriculum

Jessica Gardner
Administrative assistant, Online Academy

Cheryl Swope
Special-Needs Coordinator | Author

Dayna Grant
Editorial Director | Author

Ellen Hale
Copy Editor | Customer Service Representative

Ian Galloway
Editor | Customer Service Representative

Andrea Aviles
Editor | Customer Service Representative

Jessica Osborne
Graphic Designer | Customer Service Manager

Jon Christianson

Jon Christianson
Head of Latin Curriculum | Customer Service Representative

Erin Bowe

Erin Bowe
Administrative Assistant

Ryan Grigsby
Marketing Director

Lukas Swenson

Lukas Swenson
Assistant Marketing Director

Aileen Delgado
Senior Graphic Designer

Katie Khan
Online Content Manager | Illustrator | Customer Service Representative

Bryce Hockema

Bryce Hockema

Kuyper Reynolds

Kuyper Reynolds

Memoria Press

Paul O'Brien
Video Editor

Carrie McGraw

Carrie McGraw
Homeschool Liasion

Nick Huelskamp

Katherine Cornett
Senior Accountant | Customer Service Representative

Hailey Campbell
Accountant | Customer Service Representative

Celeste Arnett
Junior Accountant | Customer Service Representative

Harrison Miller
Junior Accountant | Customer Service Representative

Denette Holmes
Conventions Director | Print Production Manager

Jarod Burrer
Director, Distributor Relations

Jason McFarland
Web Developer

Nathaniel Walsh
Director of Warehouse & Logistics

Hunter Wilkerson
Inventory Manager

Curtis Ponder
Warehouse Associate

Tyler Charlton
Warehouse Associate

Memoria Press

Josh Rarick
Warehouse Associate