meet the memoria press team

The Memoria Press staff is made up of a diverse group of individuals with one goal — to deliver the best possible product and exceptional service to our customers.

Cheryl Lowe
Founder, Memoria Press & Highlands Latin School


Brian Lowe

Leigh Lowe

Tanya Charlton
Curriculum Director

Martin Cothran
Editor of the Classical Teacher | Director of the Classical Latin School Association | Author of Logic & Rhetoric

Ethan Gotcher
Schools Division Director

Ryan Weston
Director of Trademarked Schools | Director of Distributor Relations

Michelle Tefertiller
Primary Curriculum Specialist | School Representative | Author

Kathy Becker
School Representative, West

Jim Duncan
School Representative, Midwest

Sarah Jo Davis
School Representative, South

Paul Schaeffer
Online Academy Director | Assistant Director of the Classical Latin School Association

Cheryl Swope
Special-Needs Coordinator | Author

David Wright
Director of Upper School Literature | Author

Dayna Grant
Editorial Director | Author

Ellen Hale
Copy Editor | Customer Service Representative

Bonnie Burke
Editor | Customer Service Representative

Shane Saxon
Editor | Customer Service Representative

Meg van Roekel
Editor | Customer Service Representative

Adam Lawyer
Editor | Customer Service Representative

Katie Khan
Editor | Illustrator

Mitchell Holley
Greek Specialist | Author

Jessica Osborne
Graphic Designer | Lead Customer Service Representative

Jason McFarland
Web Developer

Ryan Grigsby
Marketing Director

Allie English
Online Content Manager | Customer Service Representative

Aileen Delgado
Senior Graphic Designer

Jordan Schrader
Photographer & Videographer

Jarod Burrer
Marketing Assistant | Customer service representative

Memoria Press

Paul O'Brien
Video Editor

Sarah Lee
Office Manager | Customer Service Representative

Nick Huelskamp

Katherine Cornett
Bookkeeping | Customer Service Representative

Harrison Miller
Bookkeeping | Customer Service Representative

Hailey Campbell
Bookkeeping Assistant | Customer Service Representative

Denette Holmes
Conventions Director | Print Production Manager

Nathaniel Walsh
Director of Warehouse & Logistics

Sam Burke
Inventory Manager

Tyler Charlton
Warehouse Associate

Joe Meibers
Warehouse Associate

Curtis Ponder
Warehouse Associate

Hunter Wilkerson
Warehouse Associate