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CLSA on Gulf Pointe Academy


Gulf Pointe Academy (GPA) in Navarre, Florida was founded in the fall of 2011 by Dianne and Rob Hamer with an inaugural class of three kindergartners. As our application process for the 2013/2014 school year wraps up, we are preparing for approximately 50 students (with a wait-list) who will attend pre-K through 2nd grade with a staff of […]

Me & Mr. Jones


Several years ago, a prominent homeschool personality, let’s call him “Mr. Jones” (The names have been changed to protect the mistaken), wrote a broadside in a popular magazine against classical education, leveling a number of charges against it. These arguments were representative of the criticisms you sometimes hear from those who have a misapprehension of […]

In Defense of Classical Education


The nation is discontented with itself and with its education. It is probably too discontented. Self-criticism is a constant trait of the Anglo-Saxon, and his dark views of himself are always to be accepted with reserve. What is the cause of them? The classics are favorite scapegoats. And this view is the more odd, because it is […]

Letter from the Editor: Summer 2013

I was recently asked to speak to a Chamber of Commerce meeting about classical education. The initial reason for the invitation was to talk about one of our Highlands Latin School campuses in the area. The group was founded as part of an effort by the local Chamber to create a partnership effort between businesses […]

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