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What the King James Bible Hath Wrought

King James

There were strange signs and ominous portents. Forget about the world burning up in a fit of global warming, or being destroyed by spreading popular revolutions or earthquakes, or being engulfed by tsunamis. No. We are faced with a far more anomalous and alarming phenomenon: atheists saying good things about the Bible. I recently saw a debate […]

The Noblest Monument of English Prose


When we were deciding which version of the Bible to use at Highlands Latin School, there were a number of things we took into consideration that led to our choosing the King James Bible. There are undoubtedly different criteria one could apply to decide what Bible to use, depending on the context. A person might […]

Letter from the Editor: Winter 2011

We are often asked, at our school and at Memoria Press, why we use the King James Bible in our program. There are many reasons, but one occurred to me a couple of years ago as I was teaching a young adult Sunday school class on the New Testament book of Mark, which begins with […]

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