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Seeking Joy and Peace

Four years ago our family of three—my husband, myself, and our daughter—was joined by twin boys. This was perhaps the most special moment in all of our lives. Twins: two souls sharing from the first of their existence. A miracle. But our joy soon turned into worry, followed by grief. At just four weeks of […]

Never Alone

David was small in stature. He had only five small stones. By any measure, David stood no chance against the Philistine Goliath. But the Lord was with David. This became an illustrative hope for me. As an adoptive mother I fretted when my twins were young. My son’s legs were twisted, his muscle tone floppy. […]

Think About Such Things

On a blessed August morning in 2012, I gave birth to our third child, Austin. Our prayers for a healthy and happy little boy, adorned with two unexpected dimples, were answered. He was an immediate treasure. We savored our first few months with him as in no other season in our life. Austin seemed to […]

Puzzles, Patterns, & Repetition: A Grammar-Based Approach to Speaking

My first-born son was a late talker. Children much younger than he were speaking in sentences much longer than his while my husband and I were getting excited when he said “Pop!” as the speech therapist brought out the bubble machine. The parenting journey for late-talking children can be tricky, since sometimes it’s autism and […]

Letter from the Editor: Summer 2024

My family delights in finding older, out-of-print books on Christian education because I delight in reading them. Written by Christian pedagogues in the 1800s or earlier, such books become a time capsule for all of us interested in passing on the best of classical Christian education. In a recent find called The Discourse of Errors […]

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