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CLSA on Mount St. Michael’s Catholic School

Classical photo of a cross on a church steeple

Mount St. Michael Catholic School is in its 28th year of working with families to form their children in courageous virtue grounded in the truth of Christ. The school began in 1978 as a preschool Montessori program, but quickly grew to also serve grades 1-8 with what moderns would call a “traditional” curriculum and program. […]

National Latin Exam Awards

The National Latin Exam, sponsored by the American Classical League and National Junior Classical League, is an international competition for middle and high school Latin students. Each exam consists of forty multiple choice questions over Latin grammar, vocabulary, translation, English derivatives, and the history, geography, and culture of Greece and Rome. There is an Intro. Exam for middle school students and Exams I-IV that generally correspond […]

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