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The Fortitude of Junius Brutus, Founder of the Roman Republic

Lucius Junius Brutus Long before the Roman Empire, and before even the Roman Republic, Rome was ruled by “Rex Romae” – the King of Rome.   And in 534 BC it was Tarquin the Proud who ascended the throne as Rome’s seventh and final king.  Soon enough, his reign would become a tyranny – a tyranny that […]

Constantine the Great

He’s called “the Great”…the first Christian emperor…and the bridge between ancient history and the Middle Ages…but whatever you want to call him, Constantine remains a legend amongst the Roman emperors of history. And yet his path to power was not just given as birthright, but born from chaos. Civil wars, invasions, disease, corruption, and would-be […]

Caesar Augustus

a lithographic illustration of Caesar Augusts The Protector of Pietas in a circular graphic

In 47 B.C., a promising young Roman statesman set sail for Hispania. He had only recently donned the toga, the Roman sign of manhood, at the age of 16 and taken on ambitious responsibilities. Despite a shipwreck and getting lost deep in enemy territory, he persevered and reached his great-uncle, Julius Caesar, and fought alongside […]

How Greatness Destroyed Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar headshot on Roman architecture with text

Out of all our Famous Men, few have names as recognizable and as legendary as that of Julius Caesar. Caesar’s story is the story of a man who had the potential for greatness, knew he was worthy of greatness, and displayed great actions. He conquered all of Gaul, he created the Julian calendar, which is […]