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Is your child ready for Kindergarten?
Kindergarten Curriculum Manual Sample

Based on years of research, Memoria Press is pleased to offer the second year of our planned Junior K-12 classical curriculum. Now your child can have a Highlands Latin education at home using the very same materials our teachers use in our highly acclaimed Kindergarten program. By following the daily lesson plans in our full-year Curriculum Guide, you will have every tool you need to give your child the very best education possible.

Our outstanding phonics/reading program provides extensive practice in the critical first step of learning to read–blending short vowels in three-letter words. To ensure reading success, we provide abundant reading practice, including First Start Reading’s 25 phonetic stories, 20 additional beginner books, and three colorful readers with short stories that will reward and motivate your beginning reader. We have also now included 20 additional Primary Phonics Readers for the summer after Kindergarten, to help your child retain reading fluency and smoothly transition to our First Grade Curriculum Package.

*The Kindergarten Recitation Lesson Plans are included in the Kindergarten Curriculum Lesson Plans, or it can be purchased separately.

Kindergarten Prayers (Corrected)

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“Your Kindergarten has been an EXACT fit for my daughter. It is exactly what I needed/looked for in a complete program!” – Brittney

“I received my MP Kindergarten and have completed the first week. I am so pleased! What a fantastic program. I have been homeschooling and putting together my own materials for 7 years. And as picky as I am, I can honestly say that I could not have put together a better kindergarten program myself. This is a tried-and-true curriculum, and I am resting in knowing that I am giving my daughter the best!” – Angelina

Rod & Staff Arithmetic 1 is fabulous! … I absolutely love the combination of Bible stories with learning numbers, what great pegs to learn features on and grow with! The way they introduce learning how to write numbers has also been fun.” – Margaret


2 reviews for Kindergarten Curriculum

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This was the first “full grade package” I did with my youngest. We actually started her at age 4 and took 2 years to do this package…it was WONDERFUL!!! I had used bits and pieces of MP in the past and this was what started me to using ALL MP with all 4 of my children. Excellent!

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    The Kindergarten plans are with a week on a two-day spread so everything is clear and well seen. Having it in a spiral, now I can flip it back and do the half a week at a time without worrying about the pages coming out and that is delightful. The plans could essentially start at any time of year with a few tweaks to when you use which Enrichment week. As the plans are written they are for a Labor Day week start date (beginning of September), early October Christopher Columbus theme, late October for pumpkins, late November Thanksgiving, three weeks of a Christmas theme, and in my opinion three weeks of nocturnal reads for January, and then a groundhog’s story for early February. Lastly on this same schedule, it takes you onto an Easter read at the end of March or beginning of April, with spring reads that then take you and your student through May. Following this schedule loosely we still had plenty of breaks and time off as we chose or needed. Personally we had a skills hiccup that we opted to spend more time on and as of now we are and only [ETA: ended up] three weeks off from “our plan”. This is no bother to me and I am very satisfied with our progress in the Memoria Press plan!

    I’ve written a long series of review post on the entirety of Kindergarten:

    During this past year, we have covered Phonics, Reading & Printing (handwriting/penmanship), as well as part 1 (of 2) in Beginning Arithmetic, Bible Stories and prayers; 33 weeks of poetry, art, music, recitation, literature and related science and social studies topics. Essentially everyday consists of Recitation/Memory work, Phonics, and Math; while one day per week also includes copywork, literature, or social studies, science, and/or music, art, poetry. Be it review or new material, Memoria Press Kindergarten introduces students to the Alphabet (upper and lowercase letters) and Numbers from how to identify them and write them. We then continue on to learn to read from CVC, sight words, and decoding with both short and long vowels. As well as, the concepts of single digit addition (up to 6), subtraction (from 6), pennies, dimes, nickels, counting 1-100, telling time to the whole and half hour, and lastly a basic intro to fractions and ordinal numbers.

    The meat of this program is definitely reading, writing, and arithmetic with the icing of recitation, art, poetry, literature and other Enrichment.

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