Primary Phonics Readers (Sets 1-6)

Grades K-2



Primary Phonics Readers give focused phonetic reading with specific phonograms. Each set not only gives practice with a new sound but also reviews sounds  previously covered. These black and white readers are the perfect supplement for a blossoming reader, and beg to be colored!


Product Description

Set 1: Review of consonants, introduction of short vowels and sight words
Titles include: Mac and TabThe Tin Man, Al, Tim, The Jet, Ben Bug, Ed, Meg, Ted, The Wig.

Set 2: Long vowel combinations, silent e, and consonant digraphs
Titles include: Mac Gets Well, The Big Game, The Joke, The Cake, The Bee, The Goat, Sail, The Seal, Hide and Seek, and The Fire.

Set 3: Initial and final blends, plurals, two-syllable and compound words
Titles include: Slide, The Plane Trip, Spot, The Prints, The Dream, The Best Gift, Mittens, The Sea Gull, The Lost Duck, and Max and the Fox.

Set 4: Additional consonant blends, r-controlled vowels, consonant digraphs
Titles include: Fish FunThe Chicken RanchRing the BellThe Lost HorseThe Little SkunkThe White HenThe Go-cartThe Brave HunterThe Birdfeeder, and The Hard Worker.

Set 5: Vowel digraphs, reinforcement of plurals, compound and two-syllable words
Titles include: The Pet Poodle, The Good Cook, Snow Fun, A Cow in Town,The Mouse House, The Shy Tiger, The Lost Wallet, Too Small, The Square Egg, and The Clumsy Rabbit.

Set 6: Additional consonant digraphs, diphthongs
Titles include: At the Fair with Cecil and Alice, Garbage Day with Paige, Hedgehog Lodge, Sollie, the Timid Puppy, A Class Trip with Miss Royal, The Mighty Mustangs, Phil and Stephanie, Paulette in Space, A Lucky Day for Andrew, A Birthday Surprise for Goldie.

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