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Our primary copybooks teach penmanship, basic grammar, spelling, literature, accuracy, attention to detail, and memory—all through the simple skill of copying. We have selected Scripture from the King James Bible (chosen for its poetic verse) and classic children’s poems, such as those by Robert Louis Stevenson, which describe the world in charming detail. The clean, facing pages provide plenty of space for your neophyte to draw and color the glorious passages provided. In years to come, you will cherish these journals of your child’s work.

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Copybooks I-III Set consists of three different copybooks: Copybook I, Copybook II, and Copybook III. Copybook is a time-honored learning activity in which students copy Scripture, maxims, poetry, and other literature selections. Copybook, like memorization, is a forgotten skill in modern education. However, like memorization, copybook is a beginning skill that is indispensable to the development of good language skills. In copybook students practice penmanship, spelling, reading comprehension, punctuation, and vocabulary. Students develop the habits of accuracy, neatness, attention to detail, and patience; they practice correct grammar and good writing style; they develop an appreciation for what is good, noble, and beautiful in literature.

Copybook is not the only way for the young student to practice each of these skills — but it is the only exercise that develops all of them at the same time. Copybook is concrete and physical; it complements and completes the mental exercise of memorization and reading. Copybook is so simple and obvious that we overlook it.

The Copybooks I-III Set includes three books, each with more than thirty-five passages, for beginning writers in K-2nd grade. Each starts with slightly larger margins and decreases gradually over the three-year series. Students begin tracing, then move to copying directly under modeled words. Eventually students are asked to copy passages from the left page onto lines on the right page. Emphasizing care and accuracy, students learn how to be patient and take pleasure in getting it right.

Our Copybooks I-III Set features books that are simple, clean, and focused on the task at hand. You won’t find meaningless color illustrations strewn throughout our pages. Instead, we provide space for the students to draw their own pictures to help them remember and visualize the glorious passages. In years to come, you will cherish these journals of your child’s work.

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