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I have had the opportunity to look at quite a few other programs, and this is by far the most parent/kid friendly that I have seen.  I make a point of letting fellow homeschoolers know how happy I am with both Prima Latina and Latina Christiana.


Yours is the most valuable contribution to homeschooling that [my wife and I] have seen in the nine years we have been involved. You have made the most articulate case I have ever seen, not only for the study of Latin, but for its rightful place at the center of the homeschooling program.


I was surprised by how much I liked Prima Latina. It is a quality, no-nonsense program that is easy to teach and learn from.


First Form Latin is a solid Latin program that focuses on learning Latin grammar first. A firm understanding of Latin grammar is essential for future translation work. Memoria Press understands this and has provided homeschooling families with the tools to be successful in their Latin journey.


Alyssa's vocabulary has improved and her understanding of material in other subjects has soared because she's studying Latin. She's finding derivatives everywhere! She recognizes them in other subjects such as history, science, and literature. These connections are helping her understand the content and words better.


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