First Form Latin Complete Set with Online Instructional Videos (Streaming)

Grades 4-9



Table of Contents & Student Text Samples
Student WorkbookTeacher Manual, and Teacher Key Samples

The First Form Latin Complete Set is everything you need to lay a solid foundation for your student’s study of Latin with our award-winning program. This set includes a 15-month membership which enables access to streaming instructional videos and pronunciation for First Form Latin (does not include physical DVDs or CDs).

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Product Description

Set includes:

  • An 9×7.5 inch Student Text, which is small, concise, and unintimidating with 34 two-page lessons on facing, uncluttered pages.
  • An everything-you-could-possibly-need Teacher Manual that includes Student Text inset with answers in color, “Chalk Talk” scripted lessons, recitation schedule, extensive teaching notes, and an “FYI” (For Your Information) section for extra background.
  • A full-size Student Workbook with 4-6 pages of exercises per lesson. These exercises teach concepts through practice and mastery learning.
  • A Quizzes & Tests booklet with reproducible weekly quizzes and unit tests that ensure material is being mastered.
  • A Teacher Key (for Workbook, Quizzes, & Tests) with answers to the workbook and quizzes/tests.
  • Online Audio Pronunciation (Streaming) A 15-month membership to the pronunciation audio for all vocabulary and grammar forms for each lesson.
  • Flashcards for the vocabulary, Latin sayings, and grammar forms.
  • Online Instructional Videos (Streaming) A 15-month membership to instructional videos with superb explanations by Highlands Latin School teacher Jessica Watson. The videos also include helpful on-screen notes, illustrations, diagrams, recitations, and more!

First Form Latin Online Instruction Sample


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