Lingua Angelica I Set

Grades 4-12

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Song Book Sample
Student Workbook Sample
Teacher Key Sample

Lingua Angelica is an excellent Christian Latin reading and translation course. The CD & streaming audio contains 4 Latin prayers and 24 Latin hymns, beautifully sung by a six-voice a capella choir. The Student Workbook provides facing vocabulary, space for interlinear translation, and grammar word study exercises. In addition to well-written instructions on how to use the course, the Teacher Key contains answers to the Student Workbook, making the teacher’s job easier. We have also included a song book with the musical scores and short histories for each piece. All 4 Latin prayers and 12 of the Latin hymns are covered in Lingua Angelica I. (Additional hymns are covered in Lingua Angelica II.)

Lingua Angelica introduces your students to translation in a systematic and doable method.  Christian Latin should always be the first step in learning to translate Latin literature because it has shorter, simpler sentences and clearer word structure than classical authors.  Just like you wouldn’t study calculus before you learn algebra, you shouldn’t approach Caesar, Cicero, or Virgil before you conquer Christian Latin. As Cheryl Lowe put it, “Christian Latin is infinitely easier to read than classical authors, so why would you start anywhere else?”

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