Latin Recitation Audio and Video Streaming & CD/DVD

Grades 3+


Audio Sample
We’ve all had that feeling: the one where you are driving down the road and you have a hankering to do a Latin recitation. Now you will have the help you need. Cheryl Lowe, author of Latina Christiana and the First Form Series, will be in the car with you, reciting declensions, conjugations, adjectives, adverbs – in short, all the Latin grammar forms.

“But what if I’m not in the car?” you ask. Have no fear! This kit includes both a CD and a DVD, and the DVD has visual charts with the grammar as Cheryl Lowe pronounces it. The price for the CD and DVD? Only $17.35 for both! Considering that you will use them for all the years of your Latin study, that’s quite a steal!

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