Henle Latin Third Year Set

Grade 10+

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In Henle Latin Third Year, students of Caesar move on to Cicero, the quintessential Roman orator whose Orations against Catiline model for students the methods of rhetoric. In addition to their further pursuit of translation mastery, students learn the rhetorical devices that elevate mere prose into artful and persuasive speech. Memoria Press provides the resources necessary for students to succeed in learning the Latin of Cicero without the need for a classroom teacher and lends the content of Henle Latin Third Year the framework of lesson guidance and assessment necessary to conduct a yearlong course.
This program is ideal for students who are ready to focus on translation. Students will need the Henle Latin III Text, the Answer Key, the Henle III Flashcards, the Student Guide, the Teacher Guide, and the Quizzes & Tests, all of which can be ordered below. The Henle Latin Grammar, which was used with Henle Latin I and Henle Latin II, is also required.

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