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These books written with one-syllable words feature one of the six basic phonics word groups of English. They feature character-building themes and stories about history, nature, science, and other fascinating topics.


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All three of these American Language Readers are included in our Complete Kindergarten Curriculum Package.

Fun in the Sun: This reader is the first book in the K series of American Language Readers. Filled with short reading passages about friends, animals, nature, and valuable moral lessons it helps young readers practice simple short-vowel words. By reading the short-vowel words in these stories like, “sun,” “pup,” “hat,” and “den,” students will not only grow their vocabulary, but also become more confident readers.

Scamp and Tramp: This lively collection of readings helps students practice with consonant clusters and is the second book in the K series of American Language Readers. Featuring almost 100 short passages covering topics like animals, family, nature, and everyday items, Scamp and Tramp strengthens reading skills as children repeatedly read consonant clusters in words like “plug,” “fly,” “spring,” “grin,”and “scratch.”

Soft and White: This collection of stories helps students practice reading silent e words and is the third book in the K series of American Language Readers. Over 100 short stories about everyday events, seasons, animals, culture, and Bible characters expand children’s vocabulary and strengthen their reading skills as they see and say dozens of long-vowel words ending in a silent e such as “Jane,” “rose,” “lake,” “hope,” “time,” and “rude.”


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