Traditional Spelling I

Grades 1-2



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Memoria Press is proud to introduce the Traditional Spelling series. It is a comprehensive, phonetic approach to teaching spelling, and is the culmination of our primary Reading & Phonics program. It is designed to follow completion of the Kindergarten Curriculum Package or First Start Reading Books A-D, which ensure students have mastered reading “consonant-vowel-consonant” words with short vowels. Paired with StoryTime and More StoryTime Treasures in first grade, or with the literature study guides in second grade, Traditional Spelling provides your student with an extensive mastery-based study of phonics for spelling and reading. Begin this program with Traditional Spelling I.

Required Supplements: The Phonics Flashcards and Classical Phonics are required to complete all activities in Traditional Spelling. You can purchase Traditional Spelling I and its required supplements below, or Traditional Spelling I only if you have already purchased the supplements.

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