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Third Form Latin continues the journey of Latin grammar by reviewing all material in First and Second Form, completing the verb paradigms for all four conjugations in the indicative active and passive, and much more. Third Form employs the identical format of  First and Second Form—an attractive, concise Student Text, systematic presentation in five units, extensive Workbook exercises, and a Teacher Manual with everything you need to successfully teach this course.

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The Forms Series:

Based on twenty years of teaching experience, the Forms Series will be your guide as you and your students continue to successfully climb the mountain of Latin Grammar all the way to the top! The uniqueness of the Forms Series lies in two features:

1. It is committed to the trivium model of teaching grammar systematically in order to facilitate retention and understanding, rather than topically, to facilitate translation.

2. Extensive workbook exercises ensure skills mastery and rapid recognition of inflected forms.

The Forms Latin Series’ grammar-first approach focuses on grammar forms and vocabulary because these are the skills suitable for the grammar stage student. The Forms Series is for students of all ages because all beginners—regardless of age—are in the grammar stage of learning. Syntax (how to use the grammar) and translation are logic and rhetoric stage skills, respectively, and quickly overwhelm the student unless they are introduced at a slow, gentle pace and taught for mastery. First Form is the ideal text for all beginners, grades 5 and up, or is a great follow-up to Latina Christiana at any age. Now every school and homeschool can have a truly successful Latin program that creates Latin scholars rather than Latin drop-outs.

Third Form mastery:

  • Perfect system passive of 1st – 4th conjugations and -io verbs
  • Active and passive subjunctive of 1st – 4th conjugations and -io verbs
  • Imperative mood, vocative case
  • 4th declension neuter nouns
  • 3rd declension adjectives of one and three terminations
  • Nine irregular adjectives
  • Regular and irregular comparison of adjectives and adverbs
  • Pronouns: 3rd person, demonstrative, intensive, reflexive
  • Syntax: apposition
  • Adjectives used as nouns
  • Subjunctive in purpose clauses, exhortations, deliberative questions
  • Objective and partitive genitive

Sample DVD Lesson

*The Third Form Latin Workbook Key is not needed if you buy the Third Form Latin Teacher Key (for Workbook, Quizzes, & Tests).  We make this version available for our customers enrolled in the Online Academy or similar courses.

Grammar Questions with Answers
Missing Workbook Pages (283-290)
Updated Lesson 18 (Student Text)
Updated Lesson 18 (Teacher Manual)
Third Form Errata: Updated April 2017

Workbook Drill Forms
Revised Third Form Final Exam (2017)
Revised Third Form Final Exam Key (2017)

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