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Tenth Grade Curriculum Manual Sample

Based on years of research, Memoria Press is pleased to offer the twelfth year of our planned Junior K – 12th grade classical curriculum. Now your child can have a Highlands Latin education at home using the very same materials our teachers use in our highly acclaimed programs. By following the daily lesson plans in our full-year Curriculum Guide, you will have every tool you need to give your child the very best education possible.

Modern BiologyScience: Modern Biology is an extremely well-designed text and is the one used at Highlands Latin School, where, because the text contains a section on evolution not acceptable to many Christians, a teacher can treat issues of human origins and development separately. But we also have a high regard for the specifically creation-oriented A Beka text (designed for Christian Schools) and Apologia (for Christian homeschools). We have removed science from the Tenth Grade Curriculum Package in order to give you an opportunity to choose the right course for your family.

Concerning Latin: Students should complete the Forms Series, as well as Henle II before moving to Mueller’s Caesar.

Concerning Composition: Students should complete Classical Composition I-VI before moving on to Classical Composition VII: Characterization. Please consult our Classical Composition Sequence Chart if you have any questions.

New to Memoria Press? You will need A Concise History of the American Republic from Ninth Grade.