Simply Classical Curriculum: Levels 9 & 10 One-Year Pace Set

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Knights, Knaves, & Knowledge
Ages 13-16 (Chronological Age or Skill Level)

Simply Classical Levels 9 & 10: Knights, Knaves, & Knowledge may be taught at the One-Year Accelerated or Two-Year Standard pace.

In Levels 9 & 10 students study the Middle Ages, First Form Latin, classic literature including Robin Hood and Heidi; music by Bach and Haydn; fractions, decimals, and geometry; spelling, geography, and insects; and the New Testament. With increasing knowledge of English grammar and writing, students embark on Classical Composition: Fable and Narrative with the time-honored preliminary exercises known as the progymnasmata.

New to Simply Classical? You will need the Simply Classical Levels 9 & 10 New User Add-On:

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