The Book of Insects, Second Edition


The Book of Insects Sample

Insects are so small that we often pass them by. But they form three-fourths of the whole animal kingdom, and they do us so much good and so much harm that we ought to know about them. In The Book of Insects you will learn that it is not Mrs. Cricket who sings, but Mr. Cricket. That some beetles are actually rather useful, and that some are destructive, ravenous little creatures. You will come to know what a day in the life of an ant is like, and why bees are so busy. You will learn where each little fellow likes to live and what he eats. The Book of Insects focuses on observation and classification of insects in the tradition of the classical naturalists, enabling students to experience the order and beauty of creation through a deep study of it.

A digital copy of the first edition of this book can be purchased here.

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