An Interview with Michelle Swope

Michelle Swope

What is the hardest thing about the different challenges you face in your life?

The hardest challenges of my life are not being able to do what I dream about in my life, such as marry, drive a sky-blue bug that is a convertible, act well, sing, dance ballet professionally (Giselle in Swan Lake, Clara or Sugar Plum Fairy in Nutcracker, Aurora or Carabosse in Sleeping Beauty). I have autism and schizophrenia. I’m dyslexic (reading, spelling). I see this especially when I read hard books. I often prefer children’s books to adult books, even though I am an adult.

How has a classical education helped you?

From a very early age I remember different things, such as Mom teaching me to read and Dad teaching me through Shakespeare the love of poetry and acting and the fine arts. I studied the language of Latin, very basic French, and grammar. All of this helped me spell and associate grammar with writing.

What was your favorite area of study in your classical education?

My favorites in school differed in classes based on my age. From about age 3 to 9, my favorites were reading, history, and music. As an older child and teen, my favorites were music, history, spelling, grammar, Latin, and French. Famous Men of Rome helped me study the ancients in greater depth. I learned Latin from Latina Christiana. I loved Latin sayings and Latin vocabulary. I would recommend these to anyone who cares to learn.

What is your favorite thing about writing poetry?

Poetry takes care of worries and lifts me up high above every mundane care. Poetry explains me in a joyous way.

Why do you want other children with special challenges to receive a classical education?

I want other children to study not just anything, but to be educated through Simply Classical, because I learned from the best, my mom, and I believe that when my mom finished with us and took her teachings to the world, a whole new level began for children with special needs. I believe that your children can be the best if and when they learn from the best. And, yes, you may quote me, for I am being frank about what I feel. My mom is the best and knows whereof she speaks.

Please share a closing poem with our readers.

The poem I’ll close with is this:
Love is First Rule
Silence writes a letter,
Talk speaks a note.
Friendship is golden.
Love is first rule in
Family, faith, and future.

To my family with highest thanks,
Michelle Lynn Swope

*Michelle Swope is Cheryl Swope’s daughter. Cheryl is the author of Simply Classical.

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