Fly High, Fly Low


Fly High, Fly Low by renowned children’s author Don Freeman tells the story of Sid the pigeon and Midge the dove. Sid lives in the lower loop of the letter B in a sign on a building in San Francisco. Sid and Midge love spending time in the park with Mr. Hi Lee who enjoys feeding the birds. Each night, the birds return to their nest in the letter B. However, their happy life is disrupted one day when a group of workmen come to remove the sign from the building. While Sid had already flown off for the day, Midge is still with the nest watching over their two eggs. When the workmen see the nest, they decide to move the letter to a bakery in order to keep it safe for the birds. Midge goes with the sign, but Sid comes home to find no sign, no letter B, no nest, and no Midge! Sid has many adventures in the beautiful city of San Francisco as he searches for his home and his family, but the love birds are reunited at last thanks to the help of an old friend. The colored-pencil illustrations by Freeman take young readers on a spectacular tour of the city of San Francisco as they fly high and low with Sid.