Lingua Angelica I Student Workbook, Third Edition

Grades 3+


Lingua Angelica I Student Workbook Sample

“Christian Latin is infinitely easier to read than classical authors, so why would you start anywhere else?”

Lingua Angelica is an excellent Christian Latin reading and translation course. By using Latin hymns and prayers with simple sentences and clearer word structure than most Latin literature, this course is the ideal starting point for beginning Latin translation. The Student Workbook provides vocabulary, space for interlinear translation, and grammar word study exercises. Lingua Angelica covers 24 beautiful hymns sung by a six-voice Gregorian chant choir. All 4 Latin prayers and 12 of the Latin hymns are covered in Lingua Angelica I. (Additional hymns are covered in Lingua Angelica II.)

Use the Student Workbook in conjunction with the Teacher Manual, Song Book, and Pronunciation Audio.

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