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Everything you need for one complete school year!

Based on years of research, Memoria Press is pleased to offer the first year of our planned Junior Kindergarten – 12th grade curriculum. By following the 2-day-a-week lesson plans in our full-year Curriculum Manual, you will have every tool you need to give your child the very best classical Christian education possible.


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Our Junior Kindergarten Curriculum follows the top down approach that serves the complete Memoria Press curriculum so beautifully. Knowing the expectations of our kindergarten curriculum led us to design a program that provides a thorough, yet gentle, foundation for the student before he or she even begins his formal academic career. The goals of the Junior Kindergarten are simple — introduce the student to the joy of learning and the satisfaction in a job well done. The Jr. K program is consistent with the remainder of the Memoria Press Classical curriculum with focus on:

  • age-appropriate, quality content
  • real books — classics that are beautiful and rich
  • well prioritized objectives
  • recitation
  • repetition

We want our youngest students prepared for a rigorous phonics-based Kindergarten by being “reading ready” and academically mature. As importantly, we want our young students to delight in the pleasures of this stage of life — to capitalize on the curiosity and enthusiasm of their youth and to enjoy the songs, stories, games, rhymes, and prayers enjoyed by pre-school aged children for generations.

The Junior Kindergarten Program is structured in a two-day format, with each day requiring approximately 4 hours. Of course, everything is flexible!


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“What I LOVE about this curriculum is that you literally turn the lesson plan book to your day (for example, “Week 2, Day 2”) and it walks you through exactly what to do for circle time, lesson time, craft time, etc. All of the prep work has been done for you!” – Katelyn

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    The sections of a typical day include Prayer, Devotion, Recitation,1 Calendar, Alphabet Lesson/Handwriting, Show & Tell, Math/Number Lesson, Activity/Craft, Literature, Music, Poetry, Traditional Games, Enrichment and Closing Prayer.

    My favorite part of the lesson plans is the Literature portion.1 Starting out in this age I figured you just read, but I wouldn’t really know what to discuss or point out besides the obvious (see the bird?). So here we have a “before you read”, “as you read”, and vocabulary section. It’s fabulous! I’m ecstatic (as a book-a-holic and book reviewer) to see my daughter understand and talk about copyright dates and notice that this author also wrote this other book we read or have on our shelves. It also is neat to me to see her really learn new words and part of stories. As a beginning to classical education, I think we are on a great start. Of course as this stage we are not really narrating and no dictation, but she is able to answer questions about the stories and make connections to other things that I never would have expected.
    Following on my love of literature, the next best part is the Show & Tell. This is not overly detailed and what is neat is that some days I can just leave it as a discussion, but others I take it farther and I do a little research and come back to provide the information and we go where our imaginations lead us from there whether it is on to a printed worksheet online or a field trip to explore. And lastly for my favorites is the Calendar time. It is all written out, pretty well scripted and for a newbie like me to teaching the preschool age this is fabulous! In our home we have a pocket chart calendar and from time to time I change out the theme to go along with the year, but it all fits in and I’m guided by the lesson plans so I never forget nor get lost. Because of what Memoria Press has put together with their teachers at Highlands Latin School, I feel like I know what I’m doing in this teaching business. Coming in if you ask me to go back to teach middle or high school I have no fear. Hand me a preschooler, and I’m terrified. Or rather, I used to be terrified until Memoria Press took away the fear and presented me with everything I need for success.

    I have written a long series of reviews on the entirety of Junior Kindergarten: http://creativemadnessmama.com/blog/2013/04/29/memoria-press-junior-kindergarten-review-part-i/

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