Henle Latin First Year: Units VI-XIV Instructional Videos (Streaming)

Grades 8+


At last, you can study Henle Latin First Year anywhere and at any time with the help of a master teacher! This series of video lessons with instructor Jon Christianson will take you through the last nine units of Henle Latin First Year over the course of 33 weeks.

Each video explores a week’s worth of material and is compatible with the Henle Latin First Year: Units VI-XIV Teacher Manual and Quizzes & Tests. In each lesson, the instructor leads students in short recitations, explores new Latin vocabulary and grammar, and models the week’s exercises and translation assignments. With lifetime access to these videos, you can progress in your Latin learning at the time and place of your choosing.

Looking for the earlier units of Henle Latin First Year? Click here for Units I-V Instructional Videos.

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