Memoria Pre-Algebra Instructional Videos (Streaming)


Memoria Pre-Algebra Instructional Videos Track List

Memoria Pre-Algebra functions as a student’s first year of algebra instruction. It finishes arithmetic with mastery of advanced computational skills and introduces algebraic terminology, concepts, and problem-solving methodology. This course achieves the latter through mastery of first-degree relations with one variable.

The Memoria Pre-Algebra Instructional Videos are intended to serve as a supplement to the written curriculum and are not required for success in the course. The co-author of this curriculum taught this material to a class of students at Highlands Latin Cottage School in Louisville, Kentucky. The class met once weekly for ninety minutes, so some lessons received more attention than others due to the time limitations. You will find that the lesson notes in the Teacher Manual match the presentation of the material in the videos closely. Use the videos to reinforce lesson content as desired, especially when students struggle with certain concepts.

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