Alphabet Books
Leigh Lowe
Ages 4-5

Learning the alphabet is the critical first step in learning how to read. Written by Leigh Lowe (author of Prima Latina), the Alphabet Book teaches letter recognition, letter formation, and pencil grip through repetition and tracing. Activities, created with the younger student in mind, make learning each letter simple and fun. Three-letter words, aided by beautiful illustrations, also provide a simple introduction to phonics. This book acts as a great supplement to any primary program or full-year preschool/kindergarten program.

Coloring Book:
Have you been searching high and low for activities for your junior kindergarten child that are fun as well as instructional? Look no further! This coloring book is no ordinary coloring book. It is the perfect resource that teaches your child the basics of letters in such an engaging way, they won't even realize they are learning! This book is the perfect supplement to any junior kindergarten program.

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Alphabet Books
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