Jr. Kindergarten Curriculum
Everything You Need for One Year

Based on years of research, Memoria Press is pleased to offer the first year of our planned Junior K-12 classical curriculum. By following the daily lesson plans in our full year Curriculum Guide, you will have every tool you need to give your child the very best education possible.

Set includes:

  • Jr. Kindergarten Curriculum: Complete Lesson Plans for One Year
  • Memoria Press Alphabet Books 1 & 2
  • Alphabet Coloring Book
  • Numbers Coloring Book
  • Counting With Numbers
  • Inside and Outside
  • Prayers for Children
  • Richard Scarry's Mother Goose
  • Big Thoughts for Little People
  • Hailstones and Halibut Bones
  • Manuscript Alphabet Wall Charts
  • Book of Crafts, Jr. K
  • Alphabet Flashcards

*items in blue are part of the Consumable Books Set


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Jr. Kindergarten Curriculum

Everything for one year!

Jr. Kindergarten Consumable Books Set

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