Jr. Kindergarten Curriculum
Everything You Need for One Year

Based on years of research, Memoria Press is pleased to offer the first year of our planned Junior K-12 classical curriculum. By following the daily lesson plans in our full year Curriculum Guide, you will have every tool you need to give your child the very best education possible.


  • Jr. Kindergarten Curriculum: Complete Lesson Plans for One Year
  • Memoria Press Alphabet Books 1 & 2
  • Alphabet Coloring Book
  • Numbers Coloring Book
  • Counting With Numbers
  • Inside and Outside
  • Prayers for Children
  • Richard Scarry's Mother Goose
  • Big Thoughts for Little People
  • Hailstones and Halibut Bones
  • Manuscript Alphabet Wall Charts
  • Book of Crafts, Jr. K
  • Alphabet Flashcards

*items in blue are part of the Consumable Books Set


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Jr. Kindergarten Curriculum

Everything for one year!

Jr. Kindergarten Consumable Books Set

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