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This text is part of the Myself & Others Book One Core Set.

What if you could teach manners in simple lessons? What if your children could become more respectful, thoughtful, and courteous? What if someone created teachable lessons for you and placed them into a 14-week program?

With Myself & Others you and your child will:

  • Improve social understanding
  • Form healthy habits
  • Increase safety awareness
  • Learn social rules
  • Practice good manners
  • Role-play words and actions to use in specific situations
  • Be inspired through characters from children’s literature

From the creators of the award-winning Simply Classical Curriculum, Memoria Press and Cheryl Swope, M.Ed., bring you Myself & Others: Lessons for Social Understanding, Habits, and Manners.

Designed for typical children and for children who have difficulties with learning, behavior, or language, or face challenges such as autism, this program utilizes visual aids, brief lessons, and classic literature to bring a little more civility to your everyday life. The brief, oral, simple, repeated daily lessons found in Myself & Others Book One are suitable for children age or ability 4-7.

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Myself & Others Book One features a list of companion Read-Aloud books, a readiness assessment, teaching guidelines, 14 weeks of brief, oral, simple, repeated daily lessons, and an appendix containing information on visual cues, good hand washing habits, and supplemental reading.

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