Lucy’s Christmas


Lucy’s Christmas by Donald Hall tells the story of Lucy Wells and her family’s preparations for Christmas. Lucy and her little sister Caroline begin diligently making presents that they will give away at the big church party. The family also orders a new Glenwood Kitchen Range to help them cook and keep warm throughout the winter. When the new stove arrives, Lucy’s mother begins to teach her how to cook, and the family makes bags of popcorn and candy to take to the church party. The night of the party, everyone goes to the church. There, they sing hymns and read poems, and the children perform a nativity scene. When the children share their gifts, Lucy is delighted to find that she has received a miniature Glenwood stove just like the one they have at home. This delightful description of a family’s Christmas celebration is accompanied by detailed illustrations that capture the spirit of the New England winter.

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