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Traditional Logic II covers the figures of the traditional syllogism, forms of rhetorical arguments, kinds of hypothetical syllogisms, as well as relational arguments. The book also includes a wealth of famous arguments throughout history. Some examples include:

  • Rene Descartes’ famous enthymeme (“I think, therefore, I am”)
  • C. S. Lewis’ disjunctive syllogism proving the deity of Christ
  • Christ’s injunction (“You cannot serve both God and mammon”)
  • David Hume’s famous dilemma stating the problem of evil
  • St. Thomas Aquinas’ cosmological argument for the existence of God

By the end of Traditional Logic II, the student will be able to analyze a variety of argument forms, including enthymemes, sorites, and epicheirema, as well as recognize and respond to dilemmas.

The level of understanding attained in this course would be more than that typically attained in a college course.

Advanced Concepts & Argument Forms

  • Figure & mood in syllogisms
  • Syllogism reduction
  • Hypothetical reasoning
  • Chain arguments
  • The dilemma
  • The oblique syllogism


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This sequel to Traditional  Logic I, which can be used as early as 7th grade, is an in-depth study of the classical syllogism. Along with a basic understanding of the Christian theory of knowledge, the text presents the four kinds of logical statements, the four ways propositions can be opposed, the three ways in which they can be equivalent, and the seven rules for validity of syllogisms. Each chapter, in approximately five pages of text, explains challenging concepts in clear concise language.”

The Traditional Logic II Basic Set includes  the Traditional Logic Book II Student Text, Student Workbook, the Teacher Key, and the Quizzes & Final Exam (the DVD is included in the Complete Set)

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