Customized Curriculum Manual (Digital Product)


Your digital Customized Curriculum Manual will contain all the same comprehensive teaching guidelines, complete lesson plans, and extra appendix materials that you have come to know and love in our standard printed Curriculum Manuals.

There are two ways to buy: You can create a Customized Curriculum Manual from scratch by purchasing this standalone product, or you can buy it as part of a Customizable Curriculum Package, which will automatically import all the subject changes you make in the package into your customized manual.

Once you select your subjects you can preview a sample two-week spread. After you finalize your adjustments you will be prompted to generate the full Customized Curriculum Manual. Generating the full Customized Curriculum Manual will lock in your subject selections. We will email you a copy of your customized manual to download, and you will also be able to access it in the “My Curriculum Manuals” tab of your Memoria Press account at any time.


Please note: When you access your Customized Curriculum Manual in your account it will automatically update with the most current version of the lesson plans.

See a sample of a Customized Curriculum Manual.

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