A Concise History of the American Republic: Year Two, Since 1865 Student Guide


A Concise History of the American Republic, Year Two Student Sample

End of Reconstruction (1877) to the Reagan Years (1980s)

This full-year course is designed to give students a very good understanding of America’s history between the end of Reconstruction (1877) to the Reagan years (1980s). This includes the industrialization of America, the Gilded Age, the settlement of the West, the increase in immigration, the Progressive Era, World War I and its effect on American society, the Great Depression, World War II and its effect on American society, post-war years of prosperity, the Cold War and Communist threat, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and troubles in Southeast Asia, and the beginning of problems in the Middle East. Social, economic, and political issues are addressed throughout the book.

Our Student Guide provides reading notes for each chapter, as well as comprehension questions that help students focus on the most important information from each chapter. The Teacher Guide includes three tests.