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"It is amazing how far she has come in just one book of FSR! I love how it has taught her to read!! I taught Kindergarten for about 3 years before she was born and struggled because we didn't have a structured curriculum to follow. This curriculum has been amazing! I wish I had it in the school I taught in! Thank you again so much!"

First Start Reading
Phonics, Reading, and Printing
Cheryl Lowe
Grade Kindergarten

Is there really a need for another phonics program? Well, we thought so! The first reading and printing lessons are critical, and although there are many adequate programs out there, we could not find one with the right combination we were looking for—a balanced, age-appropriate approach to phonics and reading, and a serious focus on correct pencil grip and letter formation. In addition, many phonics programs today use the ladder approach (consonant-vowel blending), which is fine, but we prefer the more traditional (vowel-consonant) approach combined with word families. And one more thing: mastery of the short vowels is the sine qua non of phonics programs, and few programs really give adequate practice in this very important skill. First Start Reading solved all of our little problems and made us happy. We hope you like it too.

First Start Reading covers consonants, short and long vowels, 45 common words, and manuscript printing, accompanied by artist-drawn coloring pictures and drawing pages for every letter. Your child will begin reading in the very first lesson as he progresses through four student books and thirty-one phonetic stories, such as "Hogs and Pigs" and "Jog to the Jet." The Teacher Manual guides you through the program and provides helpful assessments and teaching tips.

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