Grades 2-4

Prima Latina

An Introduction to Christian Latin

Leigh Lowe

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Prima Latina was written to transition directly into Latina Christiana, allowing students to complete an entire Latin sequence without missing important concepts or vocabulary. Prima Latina is accompanied by an audio CD which includes pronunciation direction for each lesson and four beautiful hymns from Lingua Angelica. Because Latina Christiana I Flashcards include every word in Prima Latina, they are an ideal study aid and a great investment for students who intend to continue on with Latina Christiana

Prima Latina uses a clear and systematic format to introduce Latin to young students. It teaches important English and Latin grammar concepts, as well as vocabulary, sayings, prayers, hymns, and constellations.

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Text Set

Following the success of Latina Christiana, parents asked for something they could use with their young elementary children. We paired our years of experience with Latina Christiana's easy-to-use, student-friendly format and created an introductory course for young Latin scholars. Prima Latina includes:

  • 25 lessons, each including grammar lessons appropriate for primary grades
  • 5 vocabulary words with corresponding English derivatives per lesson
  • A practical Latin phrase per lesson
  • One line of a prayer per lesson that is learned in totality over 5 lessons
  • Easy-to-read, 2-color format

The exercises in each lesson provide constant review of materials learned throughout the course. Every 5 lessons, students review the material and take a test (complete with key) to ensure mastery. Prima Latina is the perfect choice for:

  • young children who are still becoming familiar with English grammar and wish to learn Latin at a slower pace
  • those who would like to start Latin early and lay the foundation for a rigorous language arts program


  • Vocabulary with derivatives
  • Latin sayings
  • Conjugations & Declensions


  • 3 discs, 9 hours (15-20 min./lesson)
  • Comprehensive teaching by Leigh Lowe
  • Recitation & review, vocabulary practice, and explanation of derivatives
  • On-screen notes, diagrams, & examples
  • Self-instructive format

Sample DVD Lesson



"Prima Latina is particularly well suited to Latin-fearful parents. The simple layout of the lessons allows for easy implementation with little to no preparation, and the material is at a level that any willing parent can easily learn."

"The optional video set for Prima Latina is excellent. For less than $2 per lesson, the homeschooling parent has almost all the burden of teaching Latin lifted from her shoulders."

"Prima Latina, with its optional videos, will get your family off to an outstanding start with Latin. Success is almost guaranteed with the simple format of the workbook and the experienced, positive teaching method of Leigh Lowe."

Martha Robinson,


written by Cheryl Lowe
written by Martin Cothran

Knowledge Base

Can I use Classical Pronunciation with Latina Christiana instead of Christian Pronunciation?

Of course! You can choose any pronunciation you like in Latin. If you would like to use Classical Pronunciation, follow this link for our Classical Pronunciation Guide. Just print it out and use it instead of the Christian Pronunciation Guide in the book. (Note: The CD and DVDs use Christian Pronunciation.) The only time pronunciation really counts in Latin is for the songs and prayers. These should always use Christian Pronunciation, or they won't sound right.

I have already started Latina Christiana with my 3rd grader. Should I switch to Prima Latina or stay with Latina Christiana? My student does not have a strong grasp on English Grammar yet.

Prima Latina is designed exactly for your student. It focuses on teaching the arts of speech and grammar basics while introducing some Latin vocabulary, sayings, and prayers (which young students learn easily). Prima Latina will essentially replace your English grammar course. If you are not too far into Latina Christiana and have the time, you will be well served to switch. You can achieve similar results in Latina Christiana by patiently teaching the English grammar. If you use Latina Christiana, you won't expect your student to understand the text's grammar as quickly as he can move through the vocabulary, sayings, and prayers. Just move forward with his memorization and you can fill in his grammar understanding as you cover those concepts. Essentially, you will cover the book once for memorization and basics, then again for grammar and understanding.