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"I have found Latina Christiana to be one of the best set of Latin textbooks that I have ever worked with, and the students seem to be doing very well with them. Thanks!"

C.W., Latin Teacher

"My daughter said, 'Mom, this is the first one that makes sense and explains things so you can understand what's going on.'"

D.S., Evanston, IL

The English Grammar Recitation book that goes with the 3rd grade is going to be our lifeline I can tell. It is so simple, clear, yet thorough, I just can't say enough about how that makes me feel! I've always gotten lost in English Grammar, but having Latina Christiana (the instructional DVDs are the best!) alongside English Grammar Recitation brings it all together like never before for me. 

Latina Christiana I
An Introduction to Christian Latin
Cheryl Lowe
Grades 3+

Latina Christiana I is, quite simply, the best Latin grammar course available for younger beginning students. Cheryl Lowe’s clear explanations, easy instructions, and step-by-step approach have led thousands of teachers and students to declare, “I love Latin!” With the help of this course, you are sure to love Latin too!

Students who have completed Latina Christiana I  are now ready for the First Form Latin Series. While Memoria Press recommends students move directly from Latina Christiana I to First Form, they may continue their Latin studies with Latina Christiana II.

Latina Christiana was designed as a beginning course for students of all ages. This course was specifically written for the teacher with no background in Latin.

There is an optional history component to Latina Christiana I taken from Chapters 1-13 of Famous Men of Rome (reading selections not included in LCI).  Drill questions are included in Latina Christiana I, and history questions are included in each of the Tests. Learning the history and culture of Rome is often a great motivating factor for students studying the Latin language. Chapters 14-25 of Famous Men of Rome are covered in Latina Christiana II.

Student Book (25 lessons + 5 review lessons)

  • A grammar form for each lesson
  • 10 vocabulary words per lesson with corresponding English derivatives
  • Latin sayings that teach Christian or Classical heritage
  • Consistent reviews

Teacher Manual

  • Complete copy of Student Book with overlaid answers
  • Detailed weekly lesson plans
  • Comprehensive teaching instructions
  • Grammar overview
  • Recitation schedule
  • Background information on Latin sayings & Roman history
  • Tests, quizzes, & keys

Pronunciation CD

  • Complete verbal pronunciation for each lesson
  • Prayers & songs [ex. Benedic Domine (Table Blessing), Pater Noster (Lord’s Prayer), Adeste Fideles, Dona Nobis Pacem, etc.]

Instructional DVDs

  • Latina Christiana I: 5 discs, 18 hrs. (35-40 min./lesson)
  • Comprehensive teaching by the Prima Latina author
  • Thorough coverage of each new grammar lesson
  • Recitation and review
  • Vocabulary practice and explanation of derivatives
  • On-screen notes, illustrations, & diagrams
  • Additional examples
  • Self-instructive format
Sample DVD Lesson


Review Worksheets

     These supplemental review worksheets will help your students master the grammar and vocabulary they are learning in Latina Christiana I. Each lesson has 1-2 pages of cumulative review, so your students get weekly reinforcement of review material as well as newly learned concepts.

DVD Slides

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Latina Christiana I Set
  • Student Book
  • Teacher Manual
  • Pronunciation CD
Latina Christiana I Complete Set
  • Student Book
  • Teacher Manual
  • Pronunciation CD
  • Instructional DVDs
  • Flashcards

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