Horatius MedalMemoria Press Winston Churchill Award

“At Highlands Latin School, our sixth graders study Horatius at the Bridge in the winter term and are challenged to memorize the whole poem (70 stanzas). Students who accomplish this remarkable feat receive the coveted “Winston Churchill Award” at the Closing School Ceremony.”
– Cheryl Lowe, Founder, Highlands Latin School

And now your homeschooler can earn the same award! You can purchase the medal and pin in a set with the book or individually.

Send us a recording of your students reciting Horatius at the Bridge, and we’ll send them a Winston Churchill Award certificate to present with the medal, and post your video here!

Congratulations Peter (Part 1)!

Congratulations Peter (Part 2)!

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(our youngest orator, at 9 years old)

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Congratulations Jacob (Part 1)!

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