Anne of Green Gables


Anne Shirley is a surprise from the start. Siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert are expecting to adopt an orphan boy to help with the work at Green Gables, their farm on Prince Edward Island, but instead are sent eleven-year-old Anne, overflowing with conversation, imagination, and spirit. The Cuthberts’ decision to let Anne stay transforms and enriches all of their lives in ways they never expected.

L. M. Montgomery’s most popular novel, first published in 1908, follows Anne through a series of dramatic blunders that ultimately result in hard-won triumphs. As Anne learns from her mistakes, delights in and dreams about the world around her, and excels at school, she wins the respect and admiration of everyone in the Avonlea community. This charming classic displays the good that comes from deeply appreciating the place you call home.

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