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Music was recognized in ancient times as one of the seven essential subjects comprising the Liberal Arts, and music has always been central to classical education. By connecting music history to political and cultural history, we make all of history more memorable and more interesting. This unique curriculum connects music with visual arts, political and economic history, and Western culture from 1600-1914.

Is Classical Music Relaxing? An essay by Professor Carol on the wild ride of discovering music and its role in the history of the world.

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Hard Copy or Online Course

The program can be used two ways: 1) hard copy edition or 2) online edition. The content for both is the same, it is the method of delivery that differs.The online edition offers greater flexibility, ease of use (for those attuned to navigating the web), and access to more ancillary materials. The hard copy edition is more suited to those who like to hold the materials in their hand, or who want to put the course on the shelf when they have finished it (possibly to use again when a younger student comes of age).

Hard Copy 

Online Course

$149  online
$15 a month
subscription available here
  • 13+ hours on DVD
  • spiral-bound course book
  • short unit quizzes
  • links for further study printed in book
  • all required musical selections (now available online)
  • teacher manual includes scope and sequence and more rigorous quarterly testing
  • links to paintings and other visual materials printed in course book
  • videos streamed online
  • same course book text on web pages
  • same quizzes in .pdf format plus new automated quizzes online
  • live links for further study (updated periodically)
  • links for most required and recommended listening linked to free recordings of high quality
  • scope and sequence inherent in online struction; other materials from teacher manual incorporated in online text; quarterly tests in .pdf format
  • key paintings and other visual materials displayed in online galleries for each unit

Course Content

The course has 17 units, and is designed for use over two semesters.

Unit 1: Using Music History to Unlock Western Culture
Unit 2: Music Entwined with Great Events of Western History
Unit 3: Technology, Terminology, and Cultural Perspective
Unit 4: Fanfare and Power: The Court of Louis XIV
Unit 5: Sweeping Away the Renaissance into the Baroque
Unit 6: Liturgical Calendar, Street Parties, and the New Church Music
Unit 7: A Lively Journey Through the Life of Johann Sebastian Bach
Unit 8: Enlightenment, Classicism, and the Astonishing Mozart
Unit 9: Into the Abyss: The Century Struggles with Unfettered Imagination
Unit 10: Beethoven as Hero and Revolutionary
Unit 11: Salons, Poetry, and the Power of Song
Unit 12: A Tale of Four Virtuosi and the Birth of the Tone Poem
Unit 13: Nationalism and the Explosion of Romantic Opera
Unit 14: The Absolutely New World of Wagner
Unit 15: Imperial Russia – A Cultural Odyssey
Unit 16: Load Up the Wagons: The Story of American Music
Unit 17: Turning the Page on Western Tradition with the Explosion of War

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