Traditional Logic I
An Introduction to Formal Logic
Martin Cothran
Grades 7+

     A logic course for all ages, but designed for use as young as 7th grade, Traditional Logic is an in-depth study of the classical syllogism. Along with a basic understanding of the Christian theory of knowledge, the text presents the four kinds of logical statements, the four ways propositions can be opposite, the three ways in which they can be equivalent, and the seven rules for the validity of syllogisms.


     This comprehensive but easy-to-use course includes:

  • Student Book
  • Teacher Key (for student book and quizzes and tests)
  • Quizzes & Tests
  • DVD
  • An in-depth study of the syllogism, taught in the traditional three-part method
  • Designed specifically for the teacher with no logic background
  • Each chapter, in approx. 5 pages of text, explains challenging concepts in clear, concise language
  • Brief but comprehensive explanations of each lesson are followed by well-structured daily exercises
  • For high school students, mature 7th and 8th graders, and adults
  • A systematic course in formal logic, not a sampling of logic topics
  • Find out how the nature of anything can be categorized using the "Porphyrian Tree"
  • Learn the 4 logical statements, the 4 ways statements can be opposite, the 3 ways they can be equivalent, and the 7 rules for validity


Sample DVD Lesson

Additional Resources: 

     Consider the Handbook of Christian Apologetics and Socrates Meets Jesus by Peter Kreeft as additional resources for Traditional Logic. The Handbook provides logical answers to modern skeptical arguments about Christianity. Socrates Meets Jesus explores how Socrates would interrogate modern thinkers about religious truths. Both of these titles give your logic students the chance to apply their logic lessons to real modern arguments.

Cathy Duffy's Review of Traditional Logic


Best Value

Traditional Logic I Complete Set
  • Student Text
  • Teacher Key (for Workbook, Quizzes, & Tests)
  • Quizzes & Tests
  • Instructional DVDs
Traditional Logic I Set
  • Student Text
  • Teacher Key (for Workbook, Quizzes, & Tests)
  • Quizzes & Tests

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