2020 Sodalitas Homeschool Conference Videos

Wednesday, July 8

Homeschool: Program Overview/Implementation

Presented By:

Primary: Michelle Tefertiller (MP), Dianna Kennedy, Lindsay England
Grammar: Tanya Charlton (MP), Christy Buss, Amanda Lang
Upper School: Paul Schaeffer (MP), Sarah Kaye, Dorinda McCourt

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Language After the Forms:  What to Do Next?

Presented By: Paul Schaeffer and Sarah Kaye

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How to be a Lifelong Learner

Presented By: Jessica Phillips

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You Belong! Homeschooling Struggling Students & Children with Special Needs

Presented By:  Cheryl Swope, M.Ed.

Are you wondering whether your child’s needs qualify you to attend a Simply Classical session? Join us! Wherever you are on this journey, we are ready to help. Whether your child’s needs are mild or profound, newly emerging or long-standing, invisible or obvious, we invite you to attend. You belong! Receive our new list of Top 12 Tips for Homeschooling Struggling Students & Special Needs. Bring your questions. We will leave time to answer questions and give you the resources you need for support beyond the session

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Mild Special Needs are Real Special Needs

Presented By: Jennifer Tutwiler

Join a veteran homeschool mother of 7 for insight on navigating the unique challenges of homeschooling a struggling learner. How can you tell if your child’s struggles are actually mild special needs? When are modifications enough? When is a different approach needed? We’ll answer these questions, cover common pitfalls, talk about meeting the needs of multiple children, and give you ways to shore up weaknesses while supporting your child’s strengths.

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How to Teach Readiness with Special Needs

Presented By: Christine Howieson

No matter your child’s chronological age, sometimes you just need to begin at the beginning! In this session you will receive tips and tricks for teaching resources from the Readiness Levels of the Simply Classical Curriculum with an experienced homeschooling mother who has taught from all three levels. Join us for information and Q&A on these Simply Classical resources:

  • Level A: Readiness, Rhythm, & Rhyme
  • Level B: Essentials, Etiquette, & Ear Training
  • Level C: Animals, Alphabet, & Aesop
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How to Teach Primary with Special Needs

Presented By: Christine Howieson

Before a child begins studying the liberal arts, he needs the basics. Simply Classical Primary Levels offer resources for strengthening reading, spelling, writing, and arithmetic while giving him enriching art, music, literature, science, and history. Learn tips and tricks for teaching resources from the Primary Levels of the Simply Classical Curriculum with an experienced homeschooling mother who has taught from all of these levels:

  • Level 1: Sentences, Sums, & Stories
  • Level 2: Comprehension, Calculations, & Character
  • Level 3: Literature, Latin, & Liberty
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Thursday, July 9

Hybrid Homeschool

Presented By: Courtney Day, Amanda Lang

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Homeschooling Math Without a Plan? (You’ve Got to be Kidding!) 

Presented By: Tom Clark, Founder of VideoText Interactive

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Transcripts and Record Keeping 

Presented By: Carol Becker, HSLDA: Team Leader, High School Educational Consultant

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Homeschooling with Outside Pressures

Presented By: Michelle Recher & Rachel Farmer

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How to Teach Grammar with Special Needs

Presented By: Christine Howieson

Sometimes students need accommodations to excel in their stronger areas of study while receiving remediation in weaker areas. The Simply Classical Grammar Levels offer both accommodations and remediation within the context of Christian Studies, ecclesiastical Latin, Greek Myths, and studies of Mozart, mammals, geography, astronomy, and more. Join a homeschooling mother who has experience with all of these Simply Classical levels:

  • Level 4: Mammals, Multiplication, & Myths
  • Levels 5&6: Grammar, Greece, & Gratitude
  • Levels 7&8: Poetry, Pleiades, & Promises
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How to Teach First Form with Special Needs

Presented By: Kelly Rottmann

Latin is at the core of the Memoria Press curriculum, but are students with special needs able to learn Latin? In this session, attendees will learn why First Form Latin can be the perfect choice for teaching Latin to children with special needs. Tips on lesson modification and “tricks” from speech and occupational therapy will be shared to help with successful implementation of First Form Latin as part of the Simply Classical Curriculum.

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Navigating the Teen Years: Anxiety, Angst, & Achievement

Presented By: Catherine Saylor

Many adolescents with special needs struggle with anxiety.  This talk will address the emotional, spiritual, and academic anxieties common to special needs teens, specifically obsessive thoughts, depression, religious scrupulosity, and academic perfectionism.  I will share some of my experiences as the mother of a teenage son with autism and OCD along with tools that have helped him with these common difficulties.  I will briefly discuss how to help oneself deal with anxiety as a parent of a special needs child, and how to help siblings, who by genetics and example of the special needs sibling, have a greater than normal tendency towards anxiety as well.

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Friday, July 10

Early Childhood Years: How to Get Them Ready

Presented By: Nikky Weston & Rose Sheffler

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Focus on the Future: College, Careers, and More (Panel)

Presented By:  Sarah Kaye, Amy McVay, Carlyn Detweiler

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Juggling Ages and Stages

Presented By: Julie Steinacker, Christy Buss

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Parent’s Book Club: The Abolition of Man

Presented By: Melanie Larson

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