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Simply Classical Virtual Track

Monday, July 12

Simply Classical or Memoria Press: How Do I Decide?

Presented by: Cheryl Swope & Christine Howieson

We explain the differences between the Simply Classical (SC) Curriculum and the Memoria Press (MP) Classical CoreCurriculum, share how and when to use SC as a transition to MP, provide scenarios when Simply Classical works well forthe long term, and help you know when to choose Simply Classical only for select resources.

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Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia) and ADHD

Presented by: Susan Hargett & Jen Tutwiler

In this session, we’ll explore the many impacts of learning disabilities and ADHD and share the practical benefits ofSimply Classical for both children and their teachers. We’ll also discuss how to adapt the Memoria Press Classical CoreCurriculum for children who are beyond Simply Classical’s offerings.

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Penmanship and the Struggling Student

Presented by: Iris Hatfield

Bring your questions! Receive expert help from Iris Hatfield for these scenarios and more:

• My child says writing hurts his hand

• My child hates (or refuses) to write

• My child’s letters are poorly sized, malformed, or illegible

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Tuesday, July 13

Adapting Literature for Struggling Students

Presented by: Cheryl Swope & Leigh Lowe

Cheryl Swope teams up with Memoria Press literature expert Leigh Lowe to offer tips for teaching vocabulary, discussion, and reading fluency with struggling students. Join these two mothers who appreciate classic children’s literature as they share their heartfelt desire to help all children love books for life.

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Autism, Down Syndrome, or Medically Fragile Children

Presented by: Julie Paul & Jatina Coburn

How do I order the day? How should I arrange the space for harmony and learning? How do I accommodate sensory needs? What about special conditions, including minimally verbal children? What should I do after age 18? Join this honest, poignant discussion with two homeschoolers “in the trenches.” Both have found themselves facing daunting circumstances with pervading hope, love, and joy.

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Virtue, Behavior, & Special Needs

Presented by: Cheryl Swope

In this talk we explore the complexity of conduct, character, and wisdom:•The Discrepancy•The Twist•The DivineConsider a renewed and broader understanding with a buoyed hope for your struggling child.

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Closing Session

Presented by: Cheryl Swope

After gathering questions throughout the conference, we answer any remaining questions in this session. Join us to enjoy final discussions, share contact information for ongoing mutual support, and hear closing words.

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