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The Classical Composition I: Fable DVD contains instruction for Memoria Press’ Fable Stage of Classical Composition by Dr. Brett Vaden.

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The instructor on the Fable DVDs is Dr. Brett Vaden. Dr. Vaden is an instructor at Highlands Latin School and the Memoria Press Online Academy. He is a 2004 graduate of The Moody Bible Institute in Chicago with a degree in Biblical Languages. He brings several years of teaching experience to this course, along with an extensive knowledge of Classical Composition as an editor of the program for Memoria Press. At Southern Seminary, Brett earned an Advanced M.Div. in Biblical and Theological Studies and a Ph.D. in Pastoral Theology.

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What if you could teach your child using the same writing program that produced such masters of the language as John Milton, William Shakespeare, and Benjamin Franklin? What if you could have the same composition curriculum used by Quintilian, the greatest teacher of ancient rhetoric, and Cicero, the greatest persuasive speaker of all time?

Jim Selby has blown the dust off the writing curriculum that was used in schools for over 1,500 years and put it in an easy-to-teach format that will revolutionize your home or private school curriculum. Presented clearly and systematically in a structured curriculum, Classical Composition will give you a clear road map to writing excellence.

Ancient writers invented a way of teaching writing known as the progymnasmata, which provided a method of teaching composition that not only taught budding writers a disciplined way to approach communication, but also helped them appeal to the heads of their audience. The progymnasmata gave them the stylistic tools to appeal to their hearts as well.

The greatest communicators of ancient times, Quintilian and Cicero among them, employed the¬†progymnasmata to teach their students the art of communication. The 14 exercises, organized from the simplest and most basic to the most complex and sophisticated, were the core education of a classical speaker, designed to produce what Quintilian once called “the good man, speaking well.”



The DVDs lead the students through the process very gently, so that no extra pre-teaching should be needed. Another thing I really like, and this might especially be helpful for a special-needs student, is that the videos are very consistent in terminology and in the process itself. Although I taught 7th grade grammar and composition way back when, the DVDs give me a lot of confidence in tackling the progym, and hopefully doing it well.

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