Simply Classical Curriculum: Levels 5 & 6 Two-Year Pace Set

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Grammar, Greece, & Gratitude
Ages 9-12 (Chronological Age or Skill Level)

Simply Classical Curriculum Levels 5 & 6: Grammar, Greece, & Gratitude is designed for students with ability or ages 10-14, and can be taught at a Two-Year Standard or One-Year Accelerated pace.

Students learn vocabulary, grammar, outlining, and composition through familiar classical children’s literature. They embark on new enrichment studies in Creating Art and Music Appreciation. Students practice cursive writing through lessons in manners and reflective gratitude.

In Levels 5 & 6 you will teach Greek Myths, Latina Christiana, Christian Studies and more. Science includes hygiene, nutrition, and natural science, with lessons and experiments. In true classical form, Simply Classical Levels 5 & 6: Grammar, Greece, and Gratitude will help students learn Latin and begin to make connections across all studies.

Many of our studies in Levels 5 & 6 are conducted orally, as students with special needs often encounter difficulties with writing despite an ability to learn challenging content. We have assembled a separate set of workbooks for any student who needs or wants additional writing practice.

New to Simply Classical? You will need the Simply Classical Levels 5 & 6 New User Add-On:

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