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Readiness, Rhythm, & Rhyme
Ages 2-3 (Chronological Age or Skill Level)

Level A provides an introduction to wonder, books, and language. Intended for children ages 2-3 or special-needs children at an introductory level, this program offers daily lessons designed to teach beginning readiness abilities in the rich context of beauty, stories, and prayer. Level A emphasizes oral language through such enjoyable readiness concepts as animals sounds, counting books, and nursery rhymes.


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We teach prayer through the beautiful book Prayers for Children, a collection of prayers memorized by children for generations. Prayer time can help a child practice simple reverence, devotion, and thankfulness.

We bring order to the child’s mind with a gentle routine. Level A introduces the observation of time and patterns such as morning, afternoon, and evening.

In Level A, the child hears the same verse from Holy Scriptures: “Give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good.” Over time, he may recite all or part of this verse and other repeated elements. Imitation and recitation, even at such early levels, assist memory, concentration, and confidence.

Children’s Books
Enjoy a joyful sense of coziness by reading Level A books together. Children’s authors such as Margaret Wise Brown and Joni Walker introduce a love of words through delightful stories. In Level A many of our selections are board books for ease of handling. If your special-needs child is older and prefers paperback, feel free to substitute paperback versions from your own library or home collection.

Oral Language
Language assists all learning. In Level A we introduce vocabulary, opposites, categories, social language, and speaking in complete sentences. Even the nonverbal child will benefit from listening to the lessons and participating as much as he is able. With sensitivity to the nonverbal child, we sometimes offer options such as, “Point to the butterfly.” Substitute your own suggestions for pointing or providing oral approximations wherever needed.

From the Ancient Greeks onward, education has helped children strengthen body, mind, and character. In Level A we include fine-motor (small muscle) and gross-motor (large muscle) activities to engage the child in purposeful, language-oriented movement. Such games can be played throughout the day and wih other children.

Enrichment and Therapies
For the special-needs child who receives occupational, physical, speech and language, or other therapies, we include space in the lesson plans to record your own child’s therapy exercises. For those who do not have such therapeutic assistance, we offer suggested enrichment ideas to help with concept development, coordination, balance, and self-control.

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“This curriculum is a very practical how-to on teaching your special child. Cheryl has thought of everything, having been there herself as a homeschooling mother to two very special children.” – Sola Gratia Mom

“This curriculum works. Period. Thank you to everyone who has made and continues to make Simply Classical a reality. We are so blessed to have found you.” – Anita


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